Vrška Press” company was founded in 1984. as a family company.

It is engaged in engineering, design and manufacturing of:
• rotary joints
• mechanical seals
• graphite slide bearings and
• special graphite products.
“Vrška Press” is an innovative company, registered as research-production center at the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia.
“Vrška Press” has 5 patents and 3 patent applications.
“Vrška Press” has the Certificate of ISO standard 9001:2008.
At the moment “Vrška Press” owns three companies, one in Serbia, second in Hungary and the third in Egypt.
All products are the result of the company’s own design and technical solution.
Years of rotary joint and mechanical seal development resulted in a production of a large range of standard and special purpose products.
Rotary joint also known as rotating joint, rotary union, swivel joint etc. are a system of dynamical sealing. The rotary joint is a mechanical device that allows transfer of working medium from a stationary source (stationary supply pipe) to a rotating machinery (drum, roll or spindle) for cooling, heating or transfer of fluid power.
Rotary joint are used in the following industries: steel industry (continuous casting steel), paper industry, textile industry, rubber industry, plastic industry, food industry (meat industry,conditor industry), animal waste processing machinery, agriculture and machine tool spindles.
Mechanical seal is a part of process equipment (pump, compressor, mixer, …). Basic purpose of mechanical seal is to prevent the leakage of working medium (water, milk, beer, sugar syrup, oil, petrol, acids, bases, …) From process equipment to environment.